Headed North

I forgot to conclude the last little story. Sorry!

I didn’t end up returning to Cedar Breaks on my journey by foot. I ended up driving a car back. This bewildered my co-workers who were beginning to wonder what happened to me. My walkie stopped working and because of the storms in the high country I ended up having to walk all the way to Cedar City. I came out of wilderness at about mile marker 7 on route 14, meaning that it was another 7 miles to town. I started walking, it started pouring, I took shelter under some burr oaks for a few hours, continued the walk, was offered a ride by college student at mile marker two. His advisor ended up being the same as my internship advisor and even more ironic he was from Pacific Beach, San Diego. We ended up knowing some of the same people. The world just gets smaller and smaller. I got to SUU and Jayci, the Honors director lent me her car so I could get clothes and supplies and let everyone at the monument know I was alive and well.

It seems I can’t go on a simple walk of only a few miles without something interesting happening. Two days ago I decided during rove time to head half way up Brian Head Peak and take a trail called  Sidney Peak. I walked it until I hit a Dixie National Forest road (I think it was about five miles) and then I started heading back. As I was walking back I was nudged in the butt. I was completely startled of course. It turned out to be a beautiful white dog. I am still convinced she was a sheep dog. I was quite frightened at first. Sheep dogs are known to be rather vicious to strangers; since their job is to protect the sheep. I held up my hands let it sniff me and then continued on my way. A few miles later, I noticed that the dog was following me. I also noticed she was quite thin and seemingly quite weak. She was lost and thus the wandering dog found a stray! She followed me all the way back to the government car. It was well after everyone had gone home for the day.

I was able to call a co-worker from one of the peaks. She came and we were able to get the dog in her back seat so we could take care of her and get her to the animal shelter the next morning. The dog drank 6 bowls of water and three cooked chicken breasts (we didn’t have dog food). I’m convinced we saved the dogs life.

The sheep herds have made it now to the pasture right behind employee housing.


This is what it looks like during one of our monsoons on Brian Head Peak.


2014-08-03 11.38.53

These are the sights on the Sidney Peak Trail. I never expected to find such views!

2014-08-07 16.40.42 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG 2014-08-07 17.30.33 2014-08-07 17.34.30 SAMSUNG



This is the dog we saved. She had the sweetest demeanor, wish I could keep her.




I am now off again. Today I’m stopping over at Yellowstone. Tomorrow I will be in Glacier for a week with Partners in the Parks and after that I may just head to Oregon to see some wonderful family friends I haven’t seen since I was thirteen.  Plenty more to come, plenty more to share.

Thank you all for the comments, likes, and most importantly for reading. I am having fun with this project and I am very excited to share this blog with anyone who is interested.

Much Love.

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9 thoughts on “Headed North

  1. Mom says:

    Awe, what a sweet dog. You never know who or what you are going to meet on your trails. Hope they find a good home for “Snow”.

  2. Rasa Weber says:

    I have been following your journey, Josh. That’s some amazing experience you’re having and thank you for sharing it!
    And what a beautiful sweet dog you ran across 🙂 Glad you saved the poor thing.
    Best wishes to you and looking forward to more posts!

    • Josh LaMore says:

      Hi Aunt Rasa! Great to hear from you. I’m so glad you have been enjoying the posts and the journey. It would be quite selfish not to share. I’m glad there are those willing and interested in listening / reading. I’ll be sure to come see you and Uncle Danny when I am home in October.

  3. DAD says:

    snow looks like a good young dog. enjoying the pictures ! greatjob!

  4. Loved your story…especially about saving the dog. I want to know that it found a home. And also excited because we are the Oregon family that you are visiting soon… Cannot wait to see you again & hear stories in person.

    • Josh LaMore says:

      Glad you loved the story. Was honored to spend some time with you last month. It was a trip I will never forget and one that I am really looking forward to writing about. I’m hoping to see you again soon!

  5. […] degree of desperation. (See my post: Slot Canyons, Snow (the dog), Fall, and Many Other Things and Headed North on rescuing a sheep dog I found in the […]

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