How Joanna and I Started Making and Using Foot Soaks


It was April of last year. And you know how April can be; decently cold, wet, and full of spring surprises. At the time I was working at Central Park, which meant a long packed train commute and long hours on my feet. Joanna and I were also both working for our good friends, Bolivian Llama Party at the Brooklyn Bazar, which meant even longer hours on our feet and even more stress. 



Bolivian Llama Party Booth at the Night Bazar

The point is: Our feet were blistered, sore, and unhappy. Our bodies ached from head to toe and our minds often weren’t in the best of places. So we sought out a remedy.


April in Central Park

We decided that one day a week would be our special day for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. These special days typically included:

  1. Candles and Incense to set a positive mood

  2. Good Food

  3. Soothing Music (typically Bossa Nova or meditation music)

  4. Massages (depending on how tired we were) using a massage oil we made ourselves

  5. And most importantly, Foot Soaks

Our First Foot Soaks


Before we started selling Wolfbear Natural Comforts’ Moon Bath Foot Tonic we spent a lot of time experimenting with different herbal foot soak mixtures.

I found a recipe online and tweaked it each week to my liking until we found an ideal mixture. At first, since I didn’t know where to get most of the herbs I wanted to use, I simply bought teas with herbs that I thought would help us relax and repair our aching bodies. I remember buying Slippery Elm Bark, Chamomile, Dried Lavender Stems (this I found in raw form at a grocery), Rose Hips, and other relaxation tea medleys.

The results of our first soak were astounding. Within about 30 minutes of soaking we found ourselves so relaxed that we fell fast asleep. The muscle tension in our bodies eased and the pain in our legs and feet also began to fade.

After using foot soaks a few times, we began to notice the corns caused from being on our feet all the time were receding. After about three weeks, they disappeared all together. Our stress levels were also lower and our bodies were not nearly as unhappy as they once were.

Besides these fantastic results, our special evenings of relaxation brought us closer together. I won’t say that it was all the foot soak, it was the combination of everything. I will say, however, that it was the foot soak that set the tone of our special day of the week and encouraged a togetherness that only required spending time talking and enjoying each other without the many distractions of the 21st Century.

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2 thoughts on “How Joanna and I Started Making and Using Foot Soaks

  1. Beowulf says:

    Nice article. I will try that ‘Wolfbear’ herbal blend myself. I do foot detox, as well, in hot water with natural sea salts. It really does pull the toxins out of the body through the feet! namaste

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