Etsy Adventures


I’ve embarked on a new adventure. I suppose that’s not so surprising. Adventure is good for the soul; fuel to keep life moving forward. It appears that what Joanna and I’s trip to Spain, the UK, and Iceland have brought to the forefront is our passion for handcrafted goods, more specifically natural herbal goods of various sorts.



For the past year, Joanna has been creating her own body oils, mixing various essential oils with carrier oils to create the perfect body/massage oil that is both relaxing and stimulating. She perfected a her mix using lavender, rosemary, cedar wood, lemongrass, ylang ylang, and juniper berry. We use it regularly both as a massage oil and as a soothing aromatic oil to dab on (I usually dab it on my chest, the smell and the oil’s properties help put me at ease).

After giving the blend as gifts to family and friends throughout the summer, we have now finally created Wolfbear Natural Comforts and opened up an etsy store so we can share our creations with the world.

Please stop by our Wolfbear Natural Comforts etsy page and check out our handcrafted herbal goods, specifically our Wolf Potion, the body oil mix Joanna perfected over the summer and that we use regularly.



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2 thoughts on “Etsy Adventures

  1. lfish64 says:

    You look like you are an adventurer, and love all things natural. It is fun to connect with like minded people.

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