GRE Vocabulary 1


As I am currently studying to take the GRE, I figured I may as well post about it. My big focus is currently on vocabulary.

According to the Princeton Review practice book, the ETS or Education Testing Service claims that the test no longer focuses much on vocabulary. I agree with the Princeton Review, however, that the more vocabulary you know and are familiar with, the better you will do and the easier the GRE test will be.

With this in mind, I plan to post words that are frequently found on the GRE that you may not know. This sharing of information may help my fellow soon-to-take GREers and by sharing, I think it will also help me, as I believe sharing these words will help solidify them in the mind. As many say, one of the best ways to learn is to teach what you are learning… so here it goes!


  1. Austere (adj) – without adornment; bare; severely simple ascetic. (Noun form: Austerity). Example Sentence: The austere interior of the castle reflected the past 300 years of its neglect. The picture taken inside the castle walls of Spain’s Castillo de las Aguzaderas may be beautiful, but it’s quite austere.IMG_3145.jpg
  2. Alacrity (noun) – Eager and enthusiastic willingness. Example Sentence: My alacrity for travel is abounding. This is a picture Joanna and I took in Wales. It doesn’t demonstrate my alacrity for travel, but it shows us traveling by car.IMG_1688.JPG
  3. Approbation (noun) – An expression of approval or praise. Example Sentence: Our approbation for Martin Luther King is at its apex on Martin Luther King day. dr-martin-luther-king-jr.jpg
  4. Abscond (verb) – to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide. Example Sentence: The criminal absconded to a near-by cave. Bronson_Cave_IMG_5203.jpg
  5. Arduous (verb) – strenuous, taxing; requiring significant effort. Example sentence: It was an arduous climb to the top, but I made it.IMG_5775.JPG
  6. Censure (verb) – to criticize severely; to officially rebuke. Example sentence: The conservative republican party censures President Barack Obama to no end.barack-obama-03.jpg
  7. Capricious (adj.) – inclined to change one’s mind impulsively; erratic, unpredictable. Example sentence: Katy Perry’s song Hot N Cold depicts a capricious lover. Do we need a picture?
  8. Aberrant (adj.) (noun form: aberration) – deviating from the norm. The aberrant floating heads exhibit at Glasgow, Scotland’s Kelvingrove Art Museum is worth seeing. IMG_0929.JPG
  9. Assuage (verb) – to ease or lessen; to appease or pacify. Example Sentence: This Scottish breakfast assuaged my hunger.IMG_0541.jpg
  10. Axiomatic (adj.)(noun form Axiom) – taken as a given; possessing self-evident truth.  Example Sentence: I find the profoundness of Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah to be Axiomatic. IMG_0058.JPG
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2 thoughts on “GRE Vocabulary 1

  1. Fun post! I knew 4 out of 10 🙂

  2. Ugh! Good luck with the GRE! I’m a fairly intelligent person, but something about that test sent my brain reeling. Somehow I did okay, but I’ll never understand how that exam told my grad school anything about my actual knowledge.

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