GRE Vocabulary 2

I have found the Critical Reading section of the GRE to be quite difficult. Anyone have any tips? I have found the Princeton Review’s strategy for this section to be a little too involving and perhaps tedious.

Here’s a fun list of some of the potential GRE Vocabulary words I have been playing with.

  1. Disabuse (verb) – to undeceive; to set right. EX: He disabused the congregation and built a new church with all the money he had embezzled.
  2. Disparate (adj) – fundamentally distinct or dissimilar. EX: Although the peacock and pigeon are disparate, they are both birds. IMG_3004.jpg
  3. Effrontery (noun) – Extreme boldness; presumptuousness EX: The mouse had the effrontery to walk up to the table and take food right off the plate while we were still eating our Christmas dinner.
  4. Enervate (verb) – To weaken; to reduce in vitality. EX: The two weeks the sheep dog had spent in the highland wilderness on the Markagunt Plateau enervated him to a serious degree of desperation. (See my post: Slot Canyons, Snow (the dog), Fall, and Many Other Things and Headed North on rescuing a sheep dog I found in the wilderness.)2014-08-07 19.09.13.jpg
  5. Ennui (noun) – Dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy EX: I developed a perspective of Ennui upon returning from Europe. (A picture of Edinburgh’s sky line) IMG_0630.jpg
  6. Extemporaneous (adj) – improvised; down with out preparation EX: The extemporaneous menu was a result of the kitchen’s broken stove.
  7. Acrimonious (adj) using sharp language EX: The acrimonious phone conversation left both parties furious. (Looks like the conversation happened from this phone booth)IMG_0741.jpg
  8. Placate (verb) – To please someone EX: That cup of coffee was placating. IMG_1331.jpg
  9. Inured (verb) – to become accustomed to something bad EX: He was inured to long days of repetitive, unfulfilling work.
  10. Innocuous (adj) – harmless EX: Believe it or not, this little guy is innocuous. DSCN1413.JPG

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