Settling In

Joanna and I are getting settled in to high plateau life here at Cedar Breaks. Check out our latest adventure now!

Picked Up

The snow has mostly melted, but the Alpine Pond Trail is still impassable due to high snow drifts. IMG_5664.jpg

Wildflowers have already started to show themselves.IMG_5668IMG_5662IMG_5719

IMG_5718 The meadows are snowy white with flowers.


We took to rambling Cedar Breaks’ Spectra Point Trail and then went on to the Ramparts. It’s a bit muddy, but the trail is mostly open. Here’s a few pics from the 4 mile out and back.


IMG_5633 The happiest deadwood we’ve ever seen.

IMG_5645 A hoodoo / fin up close. It would fall apart in your hand.

IMG_5653 The inspiring Ramparts breakaway.

I had believed that the window in Jericho Ridge had fallen last season. Looks like I was wrong. It’s alive and well.


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4 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Dawn L says:

    So breathtaking…..beautiful!

  2. Uncle Dan says:

    Nice Pics! Don’t fall off of the mountains.

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