UXPA Pratt Adobe Illustrator Workshop with Erin Lee


On Sunday, March 5th, I had the pleasure of attending an Adobe Illustrator workshop taught by Pratt LIS Alum, Erin Lee and sponsored by UXPA Pratt.

I can’t help but emphasize how vital it is that LIS professionals continue to diversify their skillets and knowledge, especially when it comes to technology programs. Illustrator, as well as the rest of Adobe’s Creative Suite are relevant to any number of LIS-related projects. Then again, it could be argued that Adobe Creative Suite programs are relevant to almost every industry and field in some way.

On a bit of a side note, with technological programs continuously changing and popping up, it seems the best technology skill to harness is the skill of easily learning and adapting to new tech programs. Similarly, knowing how to teach tech programs makes for quite an asset for an LIS professional.

While this particular tutorial dove into the mere basics of Illustrator over a three hour period, I must say that if I was asked to design something in the program today, I could do so with confidence. Besides the very basic “how too’s,” Erin also taught us to find tutorials using our Lynda accounts in order to learn whatever aspects we need in order to get a project in Illustrator completed in a clean and professional manner.

It’s hard to say when knowledge of this program will come in handy in LIS professions. Maybe it will be used to come up with a design that better conveys information at an archive, museum, library, or some other institution. Maybe it will be to draw up some basic user design idea or to help teach a patron or student some aspect of the program. Regardless, the information learned at the presentation will surely come in handy. 

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