After graduating Valedictorian of Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York, Josh LaMore began working for Cedar Breaks National Monument as the National Collegiate Honors Council’s first Partners in the Parks Fellow. 

He has received an Academy of American Poets Award and was recognized in Z Publishing’s New York’s Best Emerging Poets with his prose poem: “Maintenance”.
His first National Park book: Beauty Beyond Telling: Cedar Breaks National Monumentcommissioned and published by the Zion National Park Forever Project is set to be released this spring. His first published prose fiction book: Breaklands is also set for release this spring.
Currently, he is a Graduate Student of Library Information Science at the Pratt Institute and a MoMA library fellow. He also works as a freelance book editor, indexer, and academic writing coach; transcribes the journals of London Times’ first female correspondent, Flora Shaw for biographer, Dorothy O Helly; has recently reinstated the Pratt Institute Libraries’ Picture File Collection; and serves as a history consultant for Cedar Breaks National Monument in southwestern, Utah. 




5 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Annette Gladu says:

    Josh, I really enjoyed your blog, the pictures were beautiful and so was your description of what you saw. Have a wonderful summer and be careful on those climbs.
    Aunt Annette

    • Josh LaMore says:

      Hi Aunt Annette! Glad you are enjoying the blog! I hope you are enjoying your summer as well and I look forward to your reactions on the blog entries to come.

  2. Gianna Scioletti says:

    Josh, you are doing amazing things with your life. I wish you the very best. Feel free to email me anytime to let me know if you’ll be near Boston.

  3. Ashleigh Bugg says:

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks so much for following Travel Bugg. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Best wishes,

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