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Midwest Romance & Puppy Love: A Word With You Press Contest Entry


I recently wrote a short work of fiction for A Word With You Press’s Love Lost Short Fiction Competition.

The story focuses on the bitterness of love gone wrong and the loss of things that once were. Simultaneously, a love never lost or forgotten appears in the form of a happy dog named Jeffery. Jeffery hasn’t seen Sam, the protagonist in many years.

The dog belongs to Sam’s Ex, who as it turns out still loves to rub shit in Sam’s face as a means to feel superior. As it turns out, Sam has lived all his Ex’s dreams while she became all that she used to dread becoming.

Please check out the story HERE.

The feedback I have gotten on the piece so far has been very insightful. The formatting of the dialogue in a crowding manner has specifically gotten quite a bit of attention and feedback, as it seems to present the story with some sort of urgency. I would love to hear what you think about the piece as well.

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