Published Works

Upcoming Publications:

Beauty Beyond Telling: Cedar Breaks National Monument
20,000 word book on Cedar Breaks National Monument in Southwestern, Utah, to be published by the Zion Natural History Association , Spring of 2018.

Poetic prose fragments intertwined with illustrations by Kelsey Gallagher and typographic layout design by Joanna Gonzalez . To be published by New Feral Press.


Poetic prose poem to be published in Best Emerging Poets of New York (Z Publishing House, 2018).

“Brooklyn Botanic Gardens” Published in CQ International: Creative Quarterly Magazine, May, 2017.

“The End of an Era: The Loss of the Cedar Breaks Lodge” Published on January, 2017.

“The Iberian Coast” Published in an anthology book titled: Looking Into the Abyss: Saving the Rhinoceros one story at a time, November, 2016.

“Stepping Into The Great Outdoors” Published in: CQ International: Creative Quarterly Magazine, November, 2016.

“Defining Wilderness” Published in National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Book: Partners in the Parks: Field Guide to an Experiential Program in the National Parks, 2nd edition, August, 2016. 

“Saint Rose’s” & “Color Memories” Published in: Downtown Brooklyn: A Journal of Writing, Volume 25, June, 2016.

“A Pit Stop In Iceland” Article in: American Writers Journal, March, 2016.

“Valedictorian Speech, Long Island University Brooklyn, May 13th, 2014″  Published in: The Spectrum Journal, 2015.

“The Grand Circle-A Classic Experience” Published in: Cedar Breaks National Monument’s Breaking News, 2015.

A Story Telling Portfolio: The Telling and Retelling
Designed, edited, and contributed to Sandra Jackman’s artist catalog, May, 2015. *Catalog was permanently archived at many universities and museums including: Modern Museum of Art, Special Collections at the Robert B. Haas Family Library, Yale University, National Arts Library, Word & Image Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Library of the National Museum of Women In The Arts, Brooklyn Museum Libraries & Archives, UCLA Arts Library, and Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Bangarang Returns” article Published on: Bangerang Radio, March, 2015

“My Unknown” Published in Liquid Issue #2 The Love IssueNovember, 2014

“Desert Flies” Awarded the 2014 John & Agnes McCarten Memorial Award sponsored by the Academy of American Poets, May, 2014

“Watson Fellowship A Prime Opportunity At LIU” News Article, Published in: Seawanhaka Press, December, 2013


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