“Telling and Retelling” – Editing and Designing Sandra Jackman’s Art Catalogue


Surrealist Paint Box.jpgCatching, colliding, changing, and mixing lights, sounds, movements, events, people, words, and stories. This assortment is then amputated, morphed, and rearranged until it mutates like a mad science experiment gone hay-wire; a Frankenstein of the mind. Sandra Jackman has found a way to export her mind’s wonderfully made inner-workings and bring them to life for all to experience.

Sandra is that beautiful sort of relentless artist that rarely stops creating long enough to look back, remember, and appreciate her previous works before sending them out into the world and starting on another. It was therefore my role to track down pictures, artist statements, locations, gallery showings, and histories of her grand army of mind children. It was quite an interesting task, as her creations are scattered from every corner of the United States all the way to Johannesburg, Africa.

One of her pieces we discovered had once been owned by Barbra Streisand; dozens of others are tucked away in university and museum archives (such as Yale University, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art). There were also a few pieces that over the past few years were  re-discovered by assemblage art lovers in random thrift stores. In one case,  a man was so baffled to find Sandra’s work in a Los Angeles thrift store, that he sent her a letter with a picture of the artwork to confirm that it was indeed hers. The point is, no one can be completely sure what relic of her mind will show up next.

The Telling and The Retelling is an artist catalogue Sandra and I designed to exhibit a collection of images that celebrate the vastness and diversity of Sandra’s work. In some cases the only evidence she has of a piece is a title and part of an abstract or a review. In other situations, she has only a tattered black and white photograph, slide, or homemade digital scan. The spontaneity and randomness of what has surfaced is magical. It demonstrates the lives of Sandra’s creations since they sprouted from her bubbling imagination. 

Since publishing The Telling and The Retelling in 2015, it has been permanently archived at many universities and museums including: Modern Museum of Art, Special Collections at the Robert B. Haas Family Library, Yale University, National Arts Library, Word & Image Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Library of the National Museum of Women In The Arts, Brooklyn Museum Libraries & Archives, UCLA Arts Library, Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Front Cover Collage.jpg

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